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Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond

Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond is a Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidate in New Brunswick, Canada and has been an advocate for misophonia and mental illness since 2015. Shaylynn is passionate about providing accessible mental healthcare through telehealth therapy and is particularly interested in working with clients with misophonia, OCD, PTSD, depression, career counselling, and general life struggles. Shaylynn holds an Honours Diploma in Creative Digital Media and owned a web, graphic, print design and marketing business for 10 years. Shaylynn is now passionate about helping therapists grow their digital practices or maintain the online presence for their in-person practice. Shaylynn is the author of several books including fiction and non-fiction, with her first being published in 2015. Shaylynn is the Director of The International Misophonia Foundation and is continuing her advocacy and research through the foundation.

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